6 Basic Fashion Tips for Men

In attaining attention you desire, appearance and personality play a significant role. It is not that hard for men to earn good impression from people. However the only challenging is, most of men missed the basic rules and doesn’t have confident on their appearance, the fact is, they only have to keep an eye on basic things by taking care of small things like hair, shoes, watches, belts, t-shirts, and jeans.

We have put together some simple basic fashion tips, which help men enhance their looks and fashion style.

1. Maintain Proper Posture

Proper posture habit really makes a difference, it give hints on the overall health of our body and can make your appearance much more smart and attractive. You can achieve this by keeping proper standing and sitting posture a habit, always lean you’re back properly along the back rest of chair whenever you sit and never slouch your back whenever you are standing. In this way, you can maintain your confidence in whatever occasion you are in.

2. Right Hairstyle

Taking care of your hairstyle is as important as taking care of your dress, you would want it looks clean and organize. Important thing one should consider in deciding for a hairstyle, it should match with the shape of their face. Although sometimes we look up to someone like celebrities or following some trend to copy hairstyles, but still the shape of our face will dictate. Likewise, refrain from consuming products that you feel will damage your hair in the long term, otherwise apply in moderation, and gently use a comb or your fingers to apply the product on your hair. Consult a hairdresser or experiment by yourself until you settle with a hairstyle that perfectly match to your looks.  

3. Choose the Right Colors

Have you observe your wardrobe lately and notice that you have more outfit with black, gray or neutral colors? You are not alone, most men have the same predicament. One must consider mastering the basic art of mixing colors. Color matching is more significant than just buying latest fashion trends that may not match to your existing clothes or shoes. The colors of outfit that you intend to wear must complement and in harmony with the other elements, also, be mindful on contrast and color balance. Make sure your trousers are complimentarily lighter and shirt is a deep shade. This adds better layer on your overall looks.

Want to know the art of color mixing of your outfit? Here are 5 foolproof ways.

4. Rolled up your Sleeves

Putting a casual touch on a formal attire always looks great in a women’s eyes, therefore it is never a bad idea to rolled up your sleeves on appropriate occasion. You can rolled up your sleeves up to the forearms, but make sure to fold it nicely until it reach the bottom of your elbow.

5. Always Wear a Well-fitted clothes

Wearing a well fitted clothes should be treated as important as choosing the right color. Putting on a loose shirts or denim pant will make you look overweight as well as wearing very tight pair of outfit will be uncomfortable and can limit your movements, these are few examples why you should choose the right size for your body. A right size and well fitted clothes will add boost to your appearance.

6. Keep your Shoes Clean

A clean shoes is as important as buying the right shoes. Although women usually have more shoes than men, a clean shoes for men tells more about their hygiene and can make or break in terms of impressing anyone. The effort you placed on your outfit can be ruined by a small dirt on shoes, therefore, always make sure your shoes is always clean and polish it if necessary.

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