8 Tips for Looking Fashionable when on a Budget

All of us got to dress up but not all like shopping. All because we don’t know what to look out for. Here, we give you a few tips to getting your dream fashion wardrobe without expanding your budget.

What do you want?

Shopping is sometimes very complicated. You may be faced with two perfect choices but find it challenging to make a decision. For instance, let’s say you go shopping at a $50 budget. It’s possible to come across 5 tops worth $10 each and one elegant vintage dress or a long-sleeve sweater worth $50.

Which one works for you? The tops or the elegant dress or the sweater? Both decisions are good, but most people would possibly go for the tops and ignore the expensive clothing.

One thing you should know is that it’s sometimes it’s better to pay much for nicer things rather than paying attention to impulse cheap buys all because they seem to fill up your wardrobe. However, it’s your decision, what do you want to buy?

Review what you have

Am sure all of us hold on to some old fashion or clothes that we rarely use or need. It’s time to revisit your wardrobe and review what you have.

  • Types of clothes – do you own tons of red t-shirts but no blue shirts or date-worthy or maxi dresses?
  • Types of shoes – how many pairs do you have?
  • Are all your clothes in good condition? Do they need ironing?

Find out what works for you and get rid of all items that don’t fit your vision. You can go ahead and try them all to get a good idea of what works.

If you have nicer clothes or accessories that don’t deserve to be thrown out the pit, then consider selling or donating them. At the end of the day, your wardrobe will be clean, and you may have additional bucks which you can use to add a few better options that you are missing.

Shop for the fashionable design

Now that you have a clear picture of your wardrobe, now make a list of all the fashion items you need. It’s better to have a small closet with quality clothes rather than a huge closet full of old, cheap, and ill-fitting clothes.

When shopping, make sure you stick to classic and trendy items only. Also, make sure you buy corresponding accessories and shoes. For instance, depending on your style, dark skinny jeans can go well with an off shoulder blouse. Also, a brown leather knee boot is another perfect fit for your outdoor outfit. Though they are pricey, they last longer and always look good.

What do you prefer?

The perfect decision on a small budget is buying a few but trendy items. Just focus on a few items that you love and need. Combine 20 tops and 10 pants with 10 pants and 5 shorts and 3 skirts. That’s a perfect outfit. Also, make sure you coordinate the colors.

What’s your budget?

It’s annoying that we may want to stay fashionable and trendy, but our budget limits us. Depending on your finances, set a wardrobe goal per month and stick to it. Also, you can decide to sacrifice some luxurious things like eating out to save for your wardrobe.

Furthermore, it’s equally important as you can maintain good body shape and reduce the number of visits you pay to your doctor.

Shop online

Shopping online can be cost effective especially when buying a dress not locally available, and you have the convenience of finding best outfit and good deals without a pressure of buying the items right away.
On the other hand, online shopping is great for accessories such as purses, jewelry, tops, party dress, office dress and scarves.

Go shopping with a friend

If you tend to overspend when you go shopping, then carry a friend along. But remember, she shouldn’t be like you because she is there to help you stay accountable not make you overspend. Also, consider carrying cash rather than using credit cards, leave your credit card at home.

Your true value

That said, you shouldn’t pay much attention to being fashionable and trendy and forget about your true values. Remember, regardless of your wardrobe; the inside person remains the same – doesn’t rely on clothes. However, make sure what you wear doesn’t interfere negatively with your self-esteem and confidence.

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