Styling Tips for Shorter Women

This one belongs to all short ladies that are proud of their height and body figure.

Here, we bring you the best advice on how you can style up better and elegant. We have already outlined for you the trends you should avoid and the ones to use by showing you some of our favorite brands that design petite-sized clothes.

Today, we want to show you something entirely different but very useful-a collection of styles guidebook. In our guidebook, is a guideline on how to deal with stature-related style issues by applying the best fashion advice. The guide also comes with tailoring tricks as well as insider tips that make sure your dressing is fantastic and help you embrace your height as a lady.

Search where to shop

It can sometimes be very challenging to find a suitable fit clothing especially if you have a petite frame. And, it’s absurd to keep in paying visits to your tailor for adjustments. Want to find out about the best pieces that match up with a petite frame? If yes, go ahead and bookmark our favorite brands for clothing specially designed for smaller silhouettes.

Remember, there is always something for everyone, so whatever you are looking for, whether trend pieces or wardrobe basics, we can assure you that there is something for you.

Keep your tailor close

Sometimes we come across a beautiful dress we can’t let go even though it might be bigger. For certain reasons such as adjusting sleeves and tweaking hemlines, you have to stay close to your tailor. For pieces you aren’t sure if they look good, talk to your tailor and make them perfect. Working with a tailor has always been a wise decision.

Embrace the Right Treads

Dressing up right mainly depends on a number of set fashion guidelines. You have to identify what works for you and what doesn’t. To help you out, we’ve gathered about 14 trends specially made for short women. For instance, you can consider going for straight-leg denim over looser fits.

Shop for the Right Shoes

It’s very crucial to find out the right type of shoes for your dressing. For instance, you can consider wearing pointed toe type of heels or any other heels that help elongate your body figure. Make sure you use our shoe shopping tips next time you decide to buy a pair of boots or heels.

Favor Your Figure

Sometimes it’s important to play some tricks when dressing. Opt to go for something like a monochrome look with nude shoes or else, dress on a deep V-cut neckline. Both tricks are designed to accentuate your frame best.

Also, make sure you match up a monochrome look with the same color shades to achieve a winning look. For instance, matching up a midi skirt with a belted jacket makes you look cool and elegant.

Accessorize Strategically

Usually, certain trends best fit on short shapes than others. For instance, mini bags look perfect for short ladies; on the other hand, oversize bags may not look great. Additionally, belts also compliment quite well with short ladies.

Cheat the System

Since it’s impossible to add up a few inches to your frame, we have a few tricks that can work magic. They will not only help you identify the best jeans that helps you look longer but also will help fake your height. You must try out these tips.

Master Proportions

Even though sometimes short figures are advised to avoid long and oversized shapes because they tend to overwhelm them, sometimes, they can work for the better.

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